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Can I draw you?

So last week, I went to Ikea to buy some furniture for my room. I tried to buy a desk, but after reading the instructions on building it (and realizing I couldn’t do it myself) AND not wanting to pay an additional 79$ to get someone to build it for me; I decided to dismiss the desk and find something else to decorate my room with.

I found a long, easy to carry mirror and took it with me on the train and bus. There, this girl sat next to me and saw her reflection on my mirror. She also caught me watching her reaction and we both ended up laughing at the spot. With me still laughing and her pausing for  sec, she then randomly asks me ” Can I draw you?”

I said yes right away, not really knowing if she really meant it or not,but lo and behold she pulls out a small sketch book from her purse and some weird art pencils and starts drawing away. At first I tried moving so she can my frontal view aka my better side but she yells out NO NO!  I WANT TO CAPTURE YOUR NOSE! After a minute on the shaky bus this is how she initially drew me.


What is this creature?!

Hahah, I told her she’ll need to start again, so we both got off early and went into Tim Hortons and again, she went away drawing. This time though, I put my head up higher, squinted to make my eyes look sexier (b/c we all know squinty eyes=sexy eyes) and posed in the best casual copycat of America Next Top Model poses I can do. The second result turned out like this.


The artist was real good, considering how beautiful her other portraits were. But after that, I concluded that no matter how good an artist was, he/she can never capture the unique and beautiful radiance of my face….. ….

…….or I really did look like a drugged up she- man that day.

Here is a the quick video I managed to sneak up.


Hair Journey

Having your hair hidden for so long; styling and trying new things is a new joy. But when shit goes down hill and my hair doesn’t turn out feeling good or the new style I  tried looks horrible on me; it’s the worst feeling ever! It’s a defeat. An annoying ass defeat.